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Anonymous picture

A movie to watch and think about the threats to our constitution--and our freedom--today. Bryan Cranston is marvelous; Helen Mirren puts all her acting skills into creating Hedda Hopper, who, were she still dealing in her self-described "bitchery," would no doubt have been a favorite on Fox.

Anonymous picture

If Dalton Trumbo had had his way, that Constitution you refer to would have been shredded even sooner. And "our freedom"? HA! He was a vicious communist, and in fact a Communist, a dues-paying member of the party. Read an honest bio of him and you'll find his fellow communists and Communists ...Read more

Felix avatar

I am very glad I found this movie on this site. It is an important message about free speech. I want read and view some of his other work, but my library and steaming searches have left me with the opinion that they want us to forget him. I wish they would do the same with John Wayne and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

If you think Dalton Trumbo was an advocate of "free speech," you are very badly misinformed. Trumbo was not just a communist, but a Communist, a dues-paying member of the party. He toed the party line, including supporting the Hitler-Stalin pact, approving the Soviet invasion of Poland, and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

If you enjoyed this movie, please read "Refugees from Hollywood" by Jean Rouveral Butler. The Trumbo family and the Butler family
( Hugo and Jean were both scriptwriters ) fled to Mexico together for a period of time in the '50s and lived close to each other and contemporary artists of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

9/10 Bryan Cranston is magnificent.

Anonymous picture

Great cast. Love Goodman in this. Important historical subject. But kind of boilerplate biopic.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful movie. Depressing as all-get-out.

Anonymous picture

Excellent film!

Eric avatar

Couldn't have said it better myself.